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Lessons Policy

All text and still images used in the lessons are available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license. This means that you can reproduce the lessons in whole or in part, including:

• Printing an unlimited number of physical copies
• Including the lesson text and visual diagrams in presentations
• Translating the lesson content and redistributing it

In exchange, you must provide attribution to If your derived work is available online, place a user-visible link to “” with the text “by”, “courtesy of”, or some derivation thereof. If your work is printed or otherwise offline, simply cite “” or “”.

Note that the files used to render each lesson (the lesson SWF file, the lesson JSON file, and supporting HTML/CSS/SWF/MP3 files) are not covered under Creative Commons. You may not distribute or copy these files.

Linking and Embedding Policy

You may digitally link to any part of this website via an HTML anchor element (<a>) or an equivalent. You may also embed any lesson, exercise, or tool on your own site using an HTML frame element (<frame>) or inline frame element (<iframe>).

For more information on linking and embedding, see May I link or embed your content? in the FAQ.

Source Code Policy

The source code for the lessons, exercises, and tools is not available under a Creative Commons license. You may not copy, modify, distribute, create a derivative work of, reverse engineer, or decompile the source code.

While you may use all text and images from the lessons as mentioned in the Lessons Policy, you may not scrape, duplicate, or rehost the interactive lesson player. Please link to or embed the player instead.

Apps Policy

Theory Lessons and Tenuto are not available under a Creative Commons license. This applies to the user interface, general look and feel, source code, binary code, and all media used by the application (including the modified mobile versions of the lesson content). Screenshots of the apps and their logos may be used for journalistic purposes and other Fair Use activities.

Trademark Policy

The two whole notes with a curved line, the slanted whole note, the quarter note with a horizontal bar, the words and logotype “”, “Tenuto”, “Theory Lessons”, and any combination of the foregoing, whether integrated into a larger whole or standing alone, are, LLC's trademarks.

You are authorized to use our trademarks on the terms and conditions below:, LLC licenses the use of its trademarks on the condition that the trademark licensee use
the mark to point to one or more of the following web locations:
• The website:
• The Apple iTunes page for, LLC:
• The Apple iTunes page for Tenuto:
• The Apple iTunes page for Theory Lessons:, LLC retains full, unfettered, and sole discretion to revoke
this trademark license for any reason whatsoever or for no specified reason.